Assess the performance of your stores. Track key metrics such as dwell time via an online dashboard.


Visualize your customers’ experience and shopping journey. How often do they come back and where do they go in your shop.


Boost your marketing and merchandising strategies. Understand why some products sell better than others and improve your sales with targeted campaigns.

Build your brand strategy

  • Compare your sales and traffic KPIs across locations and periods.
  • Quantify the success of campaigns (online or offline) with cohort analysis. Spend your marketing budget where it matters.
  • With the cross-shopping tool, monitor how your brand loyalty. Improve your store creation strategy and identify issues of cannibalization of clientele.
  • Strengthen each of your store’s experience

  • KPIs are shared on a web dashboard to easily involve every store managers and employees.
  • Locarise data helps to make the right decisions regarding the store layout and staff shift.
  • Anticipate customers’ demands and smoothen the stores’ operations.
  • Retain your loyal customers

  • Identify different types of customers (ex: first comers or commuters) and understand each of their shopping behaviours.
  • Optimize your loyalty program, provide your customers with the best shopping experience and make them come back.
  • Track gains and losses of loyal customers over time.
  • Solutions for all retail businesses

    Tailored solutions for your shop, restaurant or chain are available. Sign up, receive and plug your sensor, log in to your dashboard and start looking at your live data.

    Small Specialty Stores & QSR Large Specialty Stores Shopping Malls, Department stores
    Sensors 2 2+ 10+
    Traffic Metrics (Visitors, Dwell time)
    Outside Traffic Metrics
    Loyalty (Repeaters, Cross-shopping)
    Data export
    Data explorer
    Marketing Campaign Tracking
    In Store Merchandising Support
    Large Areas Flow
    Price From 9800円 per month From 14800円 per month Let's talk