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We live in a world where change is the only constant and nowhere is this more apparent than in the diverse and complex world of retail, where an infinite number of variables collide and interact leading to a moment: a customer buying a product.

Yet human beings are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet and to understand the “why” of their purchasing decisions, we have to go beyond the data and learn to decipher the fascinating stories behind the numbers. That is where Locarise is different. We aim to revolutionize the world of analytics.

Locarise’s founder and CEO, Sébastien Béal, comes from a family with deep roots in retail. His mother was the first woman to hold a management position in France’s largest distribution group. Sébastien himself worked for several summers in big box retail stores in Spain, Italy and Russia, and began his entrepreneurial journey in 2007, building click-and-collect websites for restaurants in Paris to pay for his university studies in computer science and applied mathematics. When Sébastien saw how he could use his tech expertise to close the vast gap in knowledge about consumer behavior that retailers face, he launched Locarise in Tokyo in 2013.

Locarise supplies what we call “amplified retail analytics.” That means we track and then interpret all the complex interactions involving customers, retailers, brands, location, social media, marketing campaigns, the seasons and more. Plenty of companies serving up analytics can give you the relevant numbers—how many customers, how long they stayed, what brands and sites they flock to, and when they buy. What makes Locarise different is that we humanize all that big data—the core to making “smart retail” work.

Locarise began illuminating customer behavior for leading firms in the apparel, pastry and luxury industries in Japan—the largest retail country on the planet, with almost a million stores. We’ve since expanded our operations to Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany and France. Our international team—from France, England, Australia, the United States, China, Japan and Vietnam—possess the diverse experience essential to handling a marketing space as global as retail.

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Sébastien Béal,
Founder & CEO
Antoine Ziliani,
General Manager France
Adrien Senet,
Pierre-Laurent Cases,
Account Manager
Satoe Chiba,
Account Manager