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Physical Space Intelligence

for Visitor-Centric Venues

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Data-Driven Insights for the Physical World

Enterprise IoT platform for retail, malls and venues


Learn how shoppers interact with your store to optimize conversion rates, staff operations and marketing efficiency.

Centre Commerciaux

Keep malls at the heart of communities by understanding how shoppers behave to improve mall layout, operations and shopper engagement.

Autres espaces

Faites de votre espace une destination en utilisant la compréhension de vos visiteurs à travers les données comportementales afin d'optimiser votre marketing et d'augmenter vos revenues.


Analysez comment on interagis dans vos bureaux spaces en temps-réel en optimisant , loyer and productivité.

locarise TRAFFIC

Comptage de personne

An advanced people counting solution based on highly-accurate 3D sensors.

Comptage et temps de parcours

Locarise offre le portfolio le plus complet de solutions de comptage et contrôle de flux de personnes.

Large area counting & tracking

With the ability to connect various sensors in a Multisensor Xovis opens the door to people counting and tracking through large areas.

Tracking de personne & analytiques in-store

Retailers must measure the entire customer journey as the basis for comprehensive in-store analytics.

locarise CONNECT

A cutting-edge marketing tool

Transformez votre Guest Wi-Fi en une experience

Wi-Fi Partners

locarise LOCATE

Comprenez le parcours de vos clients

Mesure du positionnement temps reel

Marketing Efficiency

Discover which promotions successfully attract visitors into your space and have the greatest effect on visitor dwell-time and conversion rate.

Improve Layout

Enhance how visitors travel through your space by adjusting the layout according to popular facilities and where they spend the most time.

Boost Conversion

Drive sales by understanding how your operations, management and marketing affect visitor behaviour.

Go beyond numbers

Connect the dots with Locarise AI Powered Insights Reports.

locarise TALLY

Cost-effective counting app

Tally aide les boutiques à qualifier leur traffic

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