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Having an agile and smart office space will bring many benefits to the corporations. Hot-desking on a flexible basis, in-door navigation, online meeting booking system and utilization analysis can improve employee’s productivity and satisfactions in the office.

Optimizing energy

Optimize office energy and its efficiency by monitoring which operational changes impact cost and energy the most, durability of building systems, and influence of system changes on staff satisfaction levels.

Management of security and flows

In order to provide employees and visitors safe and secure office environment, it is important to control the traffic flows based on security levels and to detect the location of employees when the earthquake or other disasters occur.

Marketing innovation

Attract and retain your visitors by providing guest Wi-Fi service while they are waiting in the lobby or waiting room.

Improves and optimize visitor's loyalty and experience by conducting the building survey to determine their satisfaction of the facility.

Space value and performance

Analyze and visualize the elevator traffic, and meeting rooms and desk usage to plan a strategy for a better office environment.