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Retailers need to create a seamless shopping journey if they wish to attract more customers. It is essential for retailers to access store blind-spots and utilize data to progress.

Capture and delight customers

Attract customers in-store with a free and easy-to-access Wi-Fi service.

Retain your customers in-store for longer as they can browse while using Guest Wi-Fi.


-- More than 60% of businesses say customers spend more time in their locations when they offer free Wi-Fi - Spectrio, 2018.
-- Studies show an increase in just 1% dwell time in store can result in a sales increase of 1.3% - Path Intelligence, 2016.

Evaluate your stores layout and appearance

Ascertain whether your store appearance is attracting customers.

Follow customer in-store journeys to learn the hot spots of your stores.

Use this data to adjust your store layout and appearance to better suit your customer behaviors.

Optimize operational management

Understand how visitor trends inside and outside your store can guide operational management decisions, including staff numbers and hours on particular days.

Learn how staff decisions and performance impact your customer’s experience and conversion rates.

Enhance digital marketing

Customize your Guest-Wifi splash page to create targeted marketing materials and obtain feedback once visitors have left your store.

Broaden your marketing reach by expanding your CRM when visitors opt-in.

Learn about your customer demographics such as age, gender, location and interests.