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From stadiums to museums, venues remain integral to the personality and charisma of different communities. Whether venues are used by locals or tourists, day-to-day or for special events, understanding visitor experiences is critical to driving success.

Understand visitor journeys

Ascertain visitor journeys throughout your venue to understand popular locations and place services in these areas to optimize service delivery and experience.

Use data to evaluate and make changes to your venue layout and facilities to best suit your visitors.

Attract visitors and enhance their experience

Attract visitors to your venue and for longer with free and easy-to-access Wi-Fi service.

Obtain specific feedback from visitors through exit surveys which can be used to improve their experience in your venue.

Expand your marketing reach

Add thousands of visitors to your CRM and learn visitor demographics to produce targeted marketing campaigns.

Increase visitor return rates and loyalty through access to a variety of forms of communication, including email, SMS and social media platforms.

Attract sponsors

Provide value to your sponsors with access to targeted marketing tools and the ability to assess the effectiveness of particular campaigns

Categorise marketing audiences based upon different demographics like age, interests, first time visitors, tourists and locals.