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Our solutions use advanced sensors and Wi-Fi marketing to give you all of the information you could possibly need.

People counting

Our products use 3D sensors that are able to track customers using line-counting, zone-monitoring and heat-mapping with unmatched precision. They are hardware-agnostic, so compatibility with your unique space is no problem since you can use a variety of sensor types and sizes for customizable coverage. Tailored geo-fencing, lines and points of interest allow you to track whatever is most important to you.


Our product can be used with many widely-recognised Wi-Fi vendors to locate customers via their MAC addresses and exchange valuable data. An easy-to-use cloud-based interface provides real-time analytics across your space, while your customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi. Through this exchange, you can execute marketing campaigns and monetize your free Wi-Fi for a return on your investment. These services also integrate seamlessly with people-counting to measure dwell-time, repeat customers, peak times and passers-by for advanced retail analytics. All of this information is easily accessible on your customizable dashboard. It is easily retrofitted to your existing Wi-Fi systems due to our partnership with a wide range of Wi-Fi vendors.