Identify patterns between Analytics and Contextual Data

Amplified Business Intelligence is about connecting the dots between metrics, customer behaviour and the retail environment

Know the origins of peak times

Using various sources of data (internal customer data, IO devices and third-party data) and machine learning technologies that operate from within the system, the Locarise platform performs:

  • Trend analysis and peak detection
  • Local and global business events extraction
  • Measuring relevant correlations between trends and events

Know what’s happening around your stores

A contextualized indicator is a metric that shows the correlation between the client’s own data (namely data that comes straight from the client’s information systems), environmental data (namely data captured with sensors), and events occurring around your stores that explain the data.

Predict the activity of your stores

The Locarise platform organizes, analyses and aggregates the data collected. To do this, we first filter the gigantic flow of third-party data and extract the relevant information which relates to local data from the client. Once the connection between the data is established, then we extract the data stories that are most likely to have an impact.



Locarise applies several types of sensors to capture detailed and accurate data

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Locarise Retail Engine combines and enriches data from multiple sources with additional insights from our experts

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Understand what's behind every dip or hike in sales within your stores

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Differentiate from other real estate brokers by using Locarise's Real Estate solution

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