From Data to Insights and Applications

Locarise Retail Engine combines and enriches data from multiple sources with additional insights from our experts

Data Collection

  • Locarise uses existing infrastructure to make installation and activation of the sensors an easy, plug-and-play experience
  • Locarise performs all the necessary software development to retrieve your IT system business data
  • Locarise also imports new data from third party data sources (weather, social networks, trends, macro indicators, etc.)

Locarise Platform

Locarise platform is designed to organize, analyze, and aggregate massive volumes of diverse data. One key component of the Locarise platform is the Retail Analytics Engine. Since its founding, Locarise has gathered massive amounts of data from the brick-and-mortar world of stores to improve accuracy and insights, thanks to the extensive use of machine learning.

Business Intelligence Support

The robust set of analysis tools and reports allows you to easily visualize data, identify trends, and compare them across any time period. In addition, Locarise dispatches experts who have a deep understanding of retail and real estate, to give a human touch to customer support in addition to providing intelligence.



Locarise applies several types of sensors to capture detailed and accurate data

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Amplified Business Intelligence is about connecting the dots between metrics, customer behaviour and the retail environment

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Understand what's behind every dip or hike in sales within your stores

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Differentiate from other real estate brokers by using Locarise's Real Estate solution

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