Provide accurate and trustworthy data about your properties

Differentiate from other real estate brokers by using Locarise’s Real Estate solution

Get the upper hand in rent negotiation

  • Optimize the price of retail units by understanding the impact of a store’s position on its rent per square foot
  • Target potential tenants for empty lots by understanding which stores consumers consider complementary
  • Reduce rental disputes by using our independent data on traffic past each unit or site
  • Present current and prospective tenants with actual shopper movement to demonstrate traffic past the site and linkages between the site and other retailers

Differentiate your property listings

  • In addition to looking at properties with comparable zoning districts, ages, sizes, and Walk Scores, measure pedestrian activity at your location and increase your assets valuations accordingly.
  • Build a database of pedestrian data across your properties to discover patterns and trends that predict a neighborhood’s growth.

Improve your retail tenancy mix

  • Optimize staffing levels according to shopper flow in specific areas of their centre (e.g. Food courts and toilets) to reduce costs and increase customer service
  • Reduce pedestrian bottlenecks by understanding people flow
  • Maximise your revenue from tenant stores by optimizing the layout



Understand what's behind every dip or hike in sales within your stores

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Amplified Business Intelligence is about connecting the dots between metrics, customer Behaviour and the retail environment

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Locarise applies several types of sensors to capture detailed and accurate data

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Locarise Retail Engine combines and enriches data from multiple sources with additional insights from our experts

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