Retail Analytics in Action

Understand what’s behind every dip or hike in sales within your stores

Retail Operations

Improve store conversion by measuring and analyzing customer-to-staff ratios, dwell times and local activity.

Improve Shift Planning

  • Reposition sales associates across departments or locations based on customer presence
  • Prioritize in-store activities to maximize store operations while preserving high levels of customer support
  • Improve service levels by aligning shifts with traffic patterns to maximize conversion sales and profit, and receive real-time alerts when a peak in traffic is detected

Compare Stores and Reapply Successful Business Practices

  • Pinpoint the lowest performing stores and understand how shopper patterns and sales drivers are impacting operations across your chain
  • Easily spot norms, trends and outliers
  • Understand key performance metrics for all your stores in real-time through our in-store feeds, which integrate data such as POS and traffic to show conversion rates

Make shopping an exceptional journey

  • Optimize your customers’ shopping experience by gaining full visibility into their in-store journey from start to finish and understanding the way they shop and interact with staff
  • Use customer origin technology to truly understand your shoppers in order to fine-tune the shopping experience to meet their needs

Engage your customers

  • Maximise the effectiveness of product displays, both in-store and in the shop window, by measuring customer engagement with products
  • Ensure product placement and displays drive exposure and engagement, and validate store layout and campaign effectiveness
  • Merchandise for increased business performance through A/B testing and real-time data measurement

Quantify traction

  • Plan and carry out efficient events across all stores based on real-world data from Locarise’s unique, sensor-based system
  • Demonstrate real traction by evaluating event performance against quantifiable objectives and marketing goals



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