Locarise LOCATE

Locarise LOCATE lets you follow visitor journeys within your space real-time.

Customer behavioural analysis is a key element to improving your visitor engagement and uncovering specific revenue-generating opportunities.


Visualize visitor journey’s from entry to exit.


Measure and evaluate trends on a unified platform.


Unlock long-lasting value to optimize business success.

Shopper journey

Pass-through rate

Conversion rate

Dwell time

Wrong-way alerting

Pass-through rate

Waiting times

With access to crucial data trends you can make the necessary changes to personalize your visitor experience and boost performance levels.

Unlock long-lasting value...

  • Adjust space layout to suit your visitors’ journey depending on where visitors spend the most time. Evaluate when and how services and facilities are used to optimize visitor experience.
  • Retail Shopping malls Venues
  • Learn which promotions attract different visitors. Understand which promotions are having the greatest effect on dwell-time and conversion rate.
  • Retail Shopping malls
  • Improve product placement. Learn how customers travel through your store to maximise the exposure of particular products.
  • Retail
  • Strategically plan staff movements and postings. Learn the peaks and troughs of your space during different days, weeks and months to effectively manage internal operations.
  • Retail Shopping malls Venues

Unlock long-lasting value...

  • Understand tenant performance. Assess how customers are interacting with different tenants inside your mall to achieve optimal tenant variety and rent price.
  • Shopping malls
  • Evaluate traffic flow to enhance capture rate and visitor experience.
  • Retail Shopping malls Venues
  • Enhance the provision and variety of your facilities by learning how customers travel through your space.
  • Retail Shopping malls Venues
  • Optimize your leasing practices, including rent and variety of tenants.
  • Shopping malls Venues