Locarise TRAFFIC

A traffic monitoring solution using highly-accurate people counters and a data analytics platform.

Unmatched counting accuracy of 99%


Obtain highly-accurate footfall and traffic data.


Understand traffic trends on a unified platform.


Unlock long-lasting value and optimize business success.


Waiting times
Conversion rate
Wrong-way alerting
Peak time

Access comprehensive analysis on footfall and transactions with contextualized reports.

Improve the efficiency of operations and management

  • Analyse on-site visitor behaviors to effectively manage daily operations, such as staffing levels and business hours.
  • Understand how staff productivity has a direct impact on profitability.

Evaluate your location

  • Understand the quality of your store location by accessing footfall and transaction trends.
  • Assess whether your location is enhancing or inhibiting your business performance.

Case study

A store has been manually-gathering its data. This data reveals that after 5pm on weekdays is the busiest time. After installing Locarise TRAFFIC they would like to test this assumption.

After running Locarise TRAFFIC for a month they find that the peak time is actually in the early afternoon when workers are on their lunch breaks. From this new finding, management has shifted the lunch break hours for staff to ensure enough man power is available during the busiest hours. This opens new avenues to drive more revenue for the store and improve shopper experience through reduced waiting times.