To survive in this digital age, shopping malls must reinvent themselves. If shopping malls wish to remain the heartbeat of communities and foundation of retail economies they must face the challenges presented by physical space and the emergence of e-commerce. By embracing this digital revolution, shopping malls can access a wealth of specialized qualitative and quantitative information to enhance their roles in urban societies.

Know your shoppers

  • Build an accurate picture of your shoppers by learning demographics and frequency of visits
  • Gather valuable insights in real-time and improve shopper engagement.

Follow shopper journeys

  • Monitor footfall, dwell-time, entry and exits points, queue lengths and waiting times to optimize your mall operations and shopper experiences
  • Learn journeys from vendor-to-vendor to understand popular locations and services in different areas and times
  • Use data to make changes to your shopping mall layout and operations to best suit your shoppers

Utilize a powerful marketing tool

  • Add thousands of shoppers to your CRM records
  • Use demographic data to dispatch targeted campaigns through a variety of platforms to inform shoppers about promotions, new vendors and loyalty rewards
  • Request shopper feedback about their experience and measure the success of campaigns

Optimize your leasing practices

  • Identify trends in customer journeys to optimize the variety of tenants and rent prices

Case study

A shopping mall has been using anecdotal information that has thought that the busiest times on weekdays are after 5pm. After installing Locarise LOCATE they would like to test that assumption.

After running Locarise LOCATE for a month they find that their peak time is actually in the early afternoon during lunch when their food court is visited. Analyzing dwell time they find the bounce rate after having lunch for these visitors tends to be very low and do a bit of shopping before returning to work. That opens a lot of new avenues to drive more revenue for the shopping mall.